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Said we agreed to advertise I said we did not agree to any such thing I asked for all phone recordings they said they will pass to legal team and hung up very rude abrupt woman
1 month ago
Had a call from a female who asked to speak to one of our directors. I explained that they were not in the office and asked who was calling, but the phone was disconnected, I returned the call to discover more and the person who answered asked for my company details but refused under Data Protection to provide hers other than a name. I only discovered it was 02 after searching online. Am I alone in thinking this rude?
2 months ago
Caller claiming they are community connect magazine. Claimed I had agreed to advertise back in Feb. Denied this and requested a copy of the recorded call. She said she would pass to baliffs and hung up. Community connect telephone number is a landline not mobile.
2 months ago
Had a call saying I agreed to advertise my company. Said they had a recording of me agreeing to advertise and became very abrupt when I told them the day and time was impossible for me to answer call. Threatened with 3rd party collections team which will result in goods being removed. I did debt collection and this is not how it works. I simply said see you in court she became abusive and demanding an apology from me.
2 months ago
Had a call from a lady. Who said I had agreed to advertise when I said she had me confused with another company she said calls were reordered and could pass my details to the legal team and hung up. Very abrupt
2 months ago
Scammer stating agreed to advertise my business in a magazine and looking for payment. Advised no agreement to advertise so using scare tactics - passing to bailiffs!!!
3 months ago
I keep being harassed for advertising and threatened with bailiffs and legal action as they are saying that I agreed to advertise in some brochure or other they are putting together.
3 months ago