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07395572055 phone number information
Formatted 07395 572055
Standard Formatted +44 7395 572055
Network / Carrier O2
Type Mobile
Locality United Kingdom
6 comments posted for 07395572055
Scamming b*stards...God the 21st century and all this technology sucks. Can we go back to the good old days?
2 months ago
I had the opposite...text msg claiming to be Nick and trying to carry on a conversation
2 months ago
Had exactly the same "Shelly" looking for "Nick" yesterday.
2 months ago
Just had a random text , looking for some one called gary. Claims her name is Shelly. Tries to hold a conversation via text. Won’t answer phone calls or what’s app. Randomly sent photos of herself.
2 months ago
Just had a message from this number, Claiming to look for "Nick" When i told them wrong number, Still tries to hold a conversation. Claim's 'her' name is Shelly.
2 months ago
Randomly texts people
3 months ago